March 11, 2011

baked alaska

i've always wanted to attempt the creation of the notoriously complicated baked alaska. it's intimidating. but with the company of another person, i think i could make it through all of the mixing, piping and finger-licking. i think the hardest part would be choosing who i would want with me. i'd need someone who could sit on a stool and and listen to me, unaware of my subtle commands. someone who understands the little things in life, and can converse about them for 24 hours. i want someone who will lean against the counter with me and eat one when they're finished. someone who will share the profoundness of my pleasure.  any takers?

1. orange chocolate baked alaska
2. almond mocha fudge baked alaska
3. baked alaska mint chocolate cupcakes
4. pumpkin baked alaska
5. coconut cranberry baked alaska