February 23, 2013

spatial poem no 1

I’m doing a rendition of Fluxus artist Meiko Shiomi’s Spatial Poem No. 1. AND I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO PLEASE JOIN IN!
In this particular project, participants were asked to write a word on a card and leave it anywhere in the world. In 1965 she mailed artists all over the globe asking them to participate and mail back documentation. I’d like to stay true to the spirit of the project but expand upon it by way of technology and social media. 
It’ll take less than five minutes! If you wish to participate follow these easy instructions:
1. Take a photo of your card in the place you are leaving it.
2. Email the photo to me at angelicacrimmins@yahoo.com and be sure to include your first name (last name optional) and LOCATION in the body of the email. 
Thanks! Hope to hear from some of you.