December 29, 2012

the birth of a new story:

It’s not that I’m secretive and misleading or even all that misunderstood. I simply wanted to be everyone and see everything, all at once.

Who I was in the present didn’t matter to me. I was always concerned with who I was going to be tomorrow, a month from now, ten years from now. I wanted to save myself from who I was the day before. I wanted so desperately to outrun that girl.

The girl who swam like a mermaid in her grandmother’s pool; The girl who collected stories and devoured them word by word on the top of the bunk bed she shared with her sister; The girl who retreated to the PE locker room, earbuds nestled in her freshly pierced ears and a cigarette draped between her fingers; The girl tangled in someone else’s warm sheets.

I knew everything she did—every crime and would-be crime she committed. I was there.  But I still don’t know a goddamn thing about who she was. And let me tell you, this girl-monster could both run and hide.

So I chased after bigger, better self ideals in fear of my past. And there it lies. My past didn’t make me. With all of its clandestine allure, my future did.  In a series of several fell swoops, I became infatuated with uncertainty. I was uncertainty. It was a constant game of tag, and I was always IT. No matter how fast I ran or who I caught up to. I was always stuck with myself.