March 24, 2012

teenage bedrooms

“My name is Anastasia, I’m sixteen and I live in the east of England. I never use my desk as a desk really, instead it’s a home to my extensive nail polish collection, perfume and other little things. I adore reading but sadly, my bookcase isn’t big enough to house all of my books. I’m using the map to mark places I’ve visited and one day, I hope to have red dots all over it. The wall behind my bed is known by my friends as ‘the wall’. It’s full of magazine cuttings, tickets, pictures from the last three years and anything else I can blu-tack to my wall.”—Timewilltellusnothing
Sounds like a perfect room to me!xoxo
“I’m Katie, 15, living in New Jersey. This is my current bedroom. It’s the smallest room in my house, only 10’ by 10’ so I got a loft bed to try and make it more spacious. I’m pretty childish, I love my stuffed animals and bright colors, my walls are yellow and lime green. Last Christmas I took some extra colored lights and wrapped them around my bed and never took them down, they’ve become my favorite part of the room. My desk hasn’t been organized in years and I can’t actually use it but I still know where everything is, it’s become a shrine to everything I love and can’t throw away. My mom thinks I’m a hoarder but I like to think I’m just nostalgic. I love my room and even though it’s crammed, it’s cozy and comforting.”—Polishkatie“I’m Stephany, 15, live in Cabo Frio, Brazil. Sometimes I think I can not really express who I am with others, but by the decor of my room it becomes possible. Everything that influences me is there: The Virgin Suicides, witches, ’60s, my friends, fashion, religion (even though I’m not Catholic). But I also think sometimes I try to change myself by changing my room … if it were possible it would be a wonder, because I wanted to be as awesome as my room.”- JoanWitch
Wow, such a great way of describing it. Beautiful photo, too!
“This is my world and bubble. I’m 17, living in a small town in the south-west of England. I’m into art, photographing my friends, Joni Mitchell, Lauryn Hill, the Cohen brothers, cats, dark lipstick and Clint Eastwood-among other things. My room, like most teenagers, is an extension of my personality. It’s almost always messy, but it’s cosy. My walls are covered in pictures of houses where I grew up, people, pictures and places I love and pictures of my cats. My house is ancient, so I have a small old fireplace, upon which i’ve constructed a weird shrine, including candles, flower-crosses, a wooden buddha, and a kangeroo with a santa hat on.”—Harvestingdreamz
Please send an up-close picture of your shrine. I would love to see it!xoxo“This is my room currently. It’s a mess but I love to add little details often to make it more personal. I love rowing, concerts, Anderson Cooper, sweaters, old family photos, gnomes and pirates. Especially pirates. I’m seventeen, from Philadelphia, PA. My mom is an interior designer so she’s not always a fan of the “more is more” look. Luckily she’s a nice mom and she lets me do my own thing in here. My room as a whole sort of has a sort of dark, folky, nostalgic vibe but you wouldn’t recognize it at first because of the bright colors.”—Classythursday
- Anna
the //teenage bedroom// blog makes me homesick for all of my past bedrooms. they were full of my secrets, hopes and dreams. and yeah, a little bit of angst. so what? u dont kno my lyf.