March 10, 2012

c'mon get happy

1. arctic breeze scented soap, representing the eventual washing away of antarctica// via soap is beautiful, a blog about beautiful soaps. splish splash.
“I’m interested in this intangible, changing phenomenon that can’t be trapped or owned….I was taking this thing that is remote and far out from us, and soap [has] this idea of purity or hygiene, and I felt that there was an equivalence to our notion of icebergs and we have this uncomplicated view of what Antarctica is or what unspoiled nature is.” - David Kennedy Cutler, artist

2. illustration// via hello sandwich, a blog that makes me want to wear colors and be happier.

3. cloudy day meringues. to cheer you up when it's raining gloom// via griottes, a beautiful blog that makes me an even bigger french wannabe.