May 19, 2011

oh yeah, summertime

i've been waiting eighteen long, endearing years for the moment when i can i finally tell myself that i'm done. and now it has suddenly appeared. for a good five months i will be able to wake whenever i damn well please, read whatever i damn well please, and wander wherever i damn well please. every summer i construct a list of summer goals and this may be the first summer i actually get to attempt, if not acheive, each one. but we'll see about that.

1. get a wrist tattoo
2. go to hot yoga more often
3. make gourmet smores
4. build a teepee in my backyard
5. watch andy warhol's films
6. go running like its the end of the world
7. buy new perfume
8. make popsicles
9. go on salvation army treasure hunts
10. snorkle at shark's cove
11. eat at ted's bakery
12. wear flowers in my hair
13. have a tea party
14. see the hangover 2
15. hunt for shells
16. go camping
17. go to secret beach
18. jump off the waimea rock
19. swim in the creek in colorado
20. visit the sedona planetarium
21. go to a concert
22. survive the roadtrip
23. go garage sale-ing
24. make head dresses for the roadtrip
25. finish all the books on my summer reading list!
26. skinny dip
27. hike the stairway to heaven
28. make a great discovery