April 1, 2011



A Poem
by: yours truly

i've been waxing and waning here for too long.
through the splenda summers of june
and the backyard campfires of july,
through august's crowded hallways
of crisp uniforms and eager eyes,
past september and november
with old textbooks and rosaries,
i've endured the weight of december's
small talk and calories,
January broke its promises
18 candles blown out by me,
february made me swoon
with its arrows and mythology,
i met march's dreaded Robin
april's shades of blue and gray,
may's Pianos in the Woods
mangled me to play.

time and space change shape and form
chronology tells me how to shine,
these stars are growing vain and vapid
i need a different skyline.

[with allusions to my girl emily dickinson]