June 27, 2010

very late summer list

this is long over due. good thing this is summer and not school.

1. camp in backyard and make smores
2. take pup to the beach
3. go rambling
4. hang out with brenon
5. hike a different trail once a week
6. tan in new bikini
7. northshore roadtrip
8. post up kind coupons
9. make mini books
10. blow giant bubbles in the park
11. picnic
12. make baked alaska
13. make watermelon lemonade
14. make a pinwheel
15. night hike with glow sticks
16. glue googly eyes onto objects in public places
17. make family a gourmet vegetarian dinner
19. bookends and morningbrew on a sunday
20. garden
21. bayfest
22. go to a concert
23. make jam
24. write neato facts on paper and leave them places accordingly
25. write quotes on dollar bills
26. try out new restaurants
27. play in sprinklers and eat watermelon and popsicles
28. read skinny bitch
29. keep a journal of observations
30. wear spf so i dont get wrinkles