June 25, 2010

required reading

im dreading my summer reading list. because even in my boredom, it haunts me. usually i love to read, but the end of junior year left my mind totally fried. i am currently in recovery; too many words overwhelm me. while the chosen classics collect the dust of neglegance on my bedside table, magazines of nonsense stack up on my floor. as i was skimming through- im embarrassed to say- a PEOPLES magazine, i discovered out of print clothing; a t shirt company that reminded me of my abhorrent summer reading list. various vintage book covers are printed on soft vintage tees. if that's not cool enough for you reluctant bookworms, for each shirt purchased a book is donated to an underpriveleged community...to help third world students experience the joy of summer reading.

one of the books collecting dust.
sorry salinger.