May 18, 2010

summer of love

beautiful summer sky, hearts of clouds passing by, green grass, warm salty air, and cool breezes; it's no wonder summer is wedding season in hawaii. sure it's the bride's big day, but that doesn't mean her guests can't look super cute as well.

for beach weddings:
                    leap with me dress - lulu's                                              
                          ocean mist dress-  lulu's

          Bowberry dress - lulu's                                                                      
             FernGully dress- lulu's  

black tie weddings:

Dancing in the Dark dress - modcloth                                             
Square Station - modcloth


    The New Maudevillian dress - modcloth                                
      World's Fair dress - modcloth                

garden weddings:

Going to San Francisco dress - modcloth                      
Lake District dress - modcloth