May 14, 2010

suits and shades

The light at the end of the dark and seemingly endless tunnel of the schoolyear is finally approaching. It's time ditch the schoolbooks and suit up with these summer essentials.

sunglasses to love

1. Cobain Shades - nasty gal

2. France Romance Shades - nasty gal

3. Madonna Glasses - american apparel

4. Parisian Sweetheart Glasses - spanish moss vintage

5. You're So Vicious Glasses - spanish moss vintage

suits to love
1. Kardashians for Beach Bunny

2. It Takes Two - Mermaid Collection for Beach Bunny

3. Love Lockdown - Alpha Girl Collection for Beach Bunny

4. Mara Hoffman - Resort 2010 Collection

5. Headress Bikini - Mara Hoffman