May 29, 2010

frozen fun time

i was babysitting this evening and one of the kids begged me to let him make a smoothie for desert. his mom warned me he did this all the time. his sister warned me, behind his back as he tore apart the kitchen in search of the blender, of his peculiar concoctions. and i thought well, the kid does this all the time he must know what he likes. well, he did and he didnt leave anything off the list.

conrad's smoothie:
(also called frozen diabetes in a cup)
a cup of vanilla ice cream
half a cup of syruped peaches
a cup of frozen watermelon
1 red otter pop
1 orange otter pop
1 blue otterpop
1 tbsp cinnamon sugar

for the more health conscious, i'll add an alternative. i attended an italian cooking show last night taught by an amazing vegetarian foodie. for desert we learned how to make italian sorbetto...sorbet as us americans know it. incredibly healthy sorbet.

mango sorbetto
recipe by the blonde vegetarian

3 cups peeled mangos (about 4 mangos)
1 or 2 large limes (zest and juice)
2 cups crushed ice
2-3 tbsp mild agave nectar

1. cut up mango and freeze until solid
2. put frozen mango in blender at high speed and zest limes. squeeze juice from limes. add zest and juice. add agave nectar and 1 cup ice.
3. blend til smooth, not runny. test for flavor and sweetness balance. add more agave nectar if you want more sweetness, add more lime if it needs more "kick." add 1 cup of ice. blend againg til mixture is very thick- like a milkshake.
4. serve immediately. garnish with mint of fresh berries.
*if it's too soft put it in the freezer for a while or pretend it's a smoothie :)